Our Policy

NOTE: This is just a summary of our policy. You will receive a copy of the full policy during your first visit to our home. To schedule a visit email me at

HOURS: Our home will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

OVERTIME POLICY & RATES: Overtime will be considered time before or after the time agreed upon on the Financial Contract. If for any reason your child is here other than time agreed, you will be charged a rate per quarter hour (or portion thereof), payable the morning after the occurrence.

PAYMENT: Payment is due as stated in financial contract. No refunds will be given for partial weeks. A late fee per day will be added to any payments that are not paid on the agreed upon date.

ILLNESS: In all fairness to others in my day care, your child should be in good physical condition when attending this facility. If your child becomes ill during the day, I will call you and you will be expected to pick up your child within a reasonable amount of time (1/2 hour plus driving time.) Before your child returns, they must be free from symptoms and/or on antibiotics for 24 hours.

INFANTS: Babies have their own needs, therefore I use a feed and nap on demand schedule. Babies must be able to sleep independently and be able to take a bottle. A daily record of baby's schedule will be kept for the first year. Parents will need to supply bottles, formula, disposable diapers, baby wipes and any lotion for their child.

TERMINATION: A two week deposit is required for all new clients to secure an available opening. This deposit will be applied to your final two weeks of day care provided I have been given a written notice three weeks prior to your date of termination. If you fail to notify me of termination you will forfeit your deposit. The provider retains the right to terminate contract without notice in the event of destructive, uncontrollable or violent behavior, or in the case of delinquent fees.

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